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Enter Ali Khedery who, according to his own statements and his , was a high-ranking U. official in Iraq who ultimately became the longest continuously serving U. The only man we knew with any chance to win support from all Iraqi factions — and who seemed likely to be an effective leader — was Maliki… Fast-forward to 2011 and Khedery, now an executive with Exxon Mobil, . And it was at this point that Beals allegedly was offered the “lucrative position” with Exxon. It seems likely that it was Beals’ connection to Khedery and other influential people within the U. bureaucracy and intelligence establishment that landed him the offer.

Although Maliki’s history was known to be shadowy and violent, that was hardly unusual in the new Iraq. As it turned out, Maliki’s authoritarianism and sectarian aims were not as amenable to the Washington agenda as Bush, Cheney, & Co. Indeed, the move, spearheaded by the future Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, was seen as incendiary, and today stands out as a prime example of how the fossil fuel industry dictates, directs, and otherwise influences U. So, considering this information, we’re to believe that Beals, who worked side by side with oil executives, weapons contractors, and CIA operatives, somehow grew a conscience and turned down the opportunity to make a boatload of money?

And yet, the energy coursing through the crowd told the story.

They didn’t care they’d heard it all many times before, that Sanders was reading from the same cue cards as he had a hundred times in the weeks and months prior; they just wanted a glimpse of the man who, even if he wasn’t going to be president, had ignited a political revolution on the progressive left.

But, precisely as Sanders had bellowed that night in Greenwich Village, the campaign was only the beginning.