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To me it was very important that the American people see what I was seeing.

My years with the Clintons were so disturbing on so many levels.'Tripp said while Lewinsky 'fancied herself in love,'the president 'fancied himself entitled.' The intern eventually told Clinton that Tripp also knew of the affair, which Tripp said put both of them in danger.'It was nothing more than a servicing agreement. And when it didn’t pan out the way she had hoped it would...

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'Huck' is a political veteran and has run for president before, winning the Iowa Caucuses in 2008 and finishing second for the GOP nomination behind John Mc Cain.

He's known as an affable Christian and succeeded in building a huge following on his weekend television program, in which he frequently sat in on the electric bass with country & western groups and other 'wholesome' musical entertainers. He complained in 2014 about Obamacare's mandatory contraception coverage, saying Democrats want women to 'believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar.' He earned more scorn for hawking herbal supplements in early-2015 infomercials as a diabetes cure, something he has yet to disavow despite disagreement from medical experts.

Fiorina's unceremonious firing by HP's board has led to questions about her management and leadership styles.

And her only political experience has been a failed Senate bid in 2010 against Barbara Boxer.

Sanders describes himself as a 'democratic socialist.' At a time of huge GOP electoral gains, his far-left ideas don't poll well.