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Interested in seeing #Prison Logic, starring, written and directed by me? I will be there greeting EVERYONE at the door with love.

We know these films are passion projects and labors of love and the reality is the majority of independent films that are fortunate enough to get distribution end up on TV, DVD or streaming on-line. It's one of the most respected film festivals in the US and people travel from all over the world to attend it.

This year’s Festival will screen 183 films representing 38 countries, along with celebrity guest appearances, forums, and parties.

In fact, our film (“An Affair of the Heart”) broke the record for the fastest sell out in Florida Film Festival history

we need to circle back with the Florida Film Festival team after the Festival this year and see if we still hold that record …

Based on the Spanish format, it explores the wealthy guests and the hotel's scandals, secrets and escalating debt.

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    Where the injured party consented to the action which caused the loss or damage or circumstances attributable to him helped give rise to or compound the loss or damage or otherwise exacerbated the position of the party liable for it, the court may reduce the compensation due or even dispense with it entirely.

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