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His skin was glistening from the pool water and sweat. Ever since Dominic turned 18 it seemed like he has gotten closer to her. She would shake her head and rub her face with her hands. She grabbed his cock in her hand and licked the underside of it, his whole length, with her warm, moist tongue. She licked it few more times, the underside, the sides, covering his warm cock with a layer of saliva. Erin flinched with sudden pleasure with every flick.

Erin let her eyes trail over his muscular arms, his sculpted chest, bulging abs and lower, following with her eyes the muscles that led to his crotch. She'd let her head rest on the palm of her hand and she'd laugh to herself. Erin shuffled closer and put her arm around his tight body. Dominic threw his head back and covered his face with his hands. She cupped his balls from the back and caressed them with her tongue. She was squeezing the couch and his hair as hard as she could.

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He had the lean, muscular built of a teenage athlete.