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However are they to some degrees outsiders to the Kurdish community and didn't felt the pressure to appeal to them. Edit: I would recommend you to not keep it a secret towards your parents.

After all I don't think religion is a major issue though. I know of a Yezidi who married a Kurdish girl and got excluded by his family for doing so. I made the mistake when dating a dutch guy for a relatively long time.

Although, I don't think they shunned her simply because they are racists, but because they want to appeal to the Kurdish community, which in turn is very superficial and intolerant towards Turks, Arabs, Africans and Asians in general.

So in order to solve the problem, your family has to become more independent from the Kurdish community and integrate better into the western society your Kurdish community has to become more open minded itself in order to lift the weight off their shoulders and act more tolerant.

I'm a twenty year old Kurdish girl, and I've been dating my Filipino boyfriend for over a year now.