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I ordered three and was able to make all three fit different head sizes. Excellent Pants, I wear them at 5650 meters over the sea level with a big storm, all my body was cover by ice. Yes, you can buy ultra-lightweight bags, but judging by the ones I've tried, you might just as well take a bedsheet instead and save a wad of cash.

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Note this does not come with the soft kevlar inserts or SAPI plates. That aside the vest is comfortable and has two length adjustable straps on both sides in case it doesn’t fit you properly and because it utilizes the MOLLE webbing system it’s very modular. My Patrol Cap size is 7 1/4, just to give you an idea how the fleece fits.

The base vest only has inserts for the front and back panels. Buying surplus is much more affordable than buying from the Navy. I used this coat during the extreme cold front that came through the Eastern seaboard at the beginning of 2018. A must buy for hardcore protection in any work with the elements or saftey. It can be broken in and stretched if worn over night for a couple of days.

My i Phone won’t let me see how many “Stars” I gave this item. Although it arrived with a small tear, Mc Guire Army Navy customer service was excellent, and I am a very satisfied customer! This sweater was one of the most effective, practical, and sought after pieces of US Army cold weather equipment ever devised. This thing is warm, comfortable, and waterproof Seemed like it had good sturdy construction.

After a near-death experience after bivouacking in wet, freezing conditions at high altitude, I have wanted a Gore-Tex bivy cover for a very long time. Unfortunately I got a large was all they had, and these are BIG.

First Parka I bought was a large, used it for years.