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"The deal has the potential to spark an arms race in the region,” said Roy Martin, senior analyst at consultant Wood Mackenzie Ltd. “It’s going to send a shiver down the spines of other companies."Morgan Stanley & Co.

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It “has the potential” to boost shares for small-cap drillers operating there, and may trigger a run on them by bigger producers, said Leo Mariani, an Austin-based analyst for Nat Alliance Securities.“We’ve seen pretty poor performance for U. exploration and production stocks over the past six to nine months, despite the fact that oil prices have done extremely well,” Mariani said in a telephone interview.

“The sector needs a catalyst.”Concho, with a market value prior to the deal of more than $23 billion, will pay 0.32 shares for each share of RSP. After the deal closes, Concho’s shareholders will own approximately 74.5 percent of the combined company, with RSP shareholders owning the rest.

RSP Permian, based in Dallas, soared 15 percent to $44.84. The deal announced on Wednesday would be the biggest in the history of the Permian, the region in West Texas and New Mexico that’s been at the heart of the U. Leach said the deal, which represents a 29 percent premium to RSP’s closing price on Tuesday, was justified by the “underlying economics of the wells." RSP has large blocks of acreage, much of it contiguous to Concho’s holdings, allowing for more efficient drilling.

The company also has a history of top execution that will make its holdings even more valuable, he said.

ISC cylinders and tanks have been produced since the late 1980s, and ISC parts have been used in the oil and gas industry for decades.